Privacy Policy

Respecting our players' privacy is important to us. Below, you'll find a simple summary of Turbo Button's practices for collecting and using data from our games, including:

  • What sort of information is collected
  • How that information is used
  • Who that information is shared with

What we collect

Information you give us.

We may ask for your name, email address, or username(s) if you ask us for support, create an account in one of our games, or sign up for our mailing list.

Automatically collected device data.

We use Unity Analytics in our games. The data we collect includes information about the hardware you're using (such as the name or model of your VR headset, graphics card, and operating system) and certain unique identifiers that may be unique to your hardware. We also collect data about how you play our games - like how many levels you've finished, or how long you've been playing. However, we anonymize all of this data, and it is not stored in association with any user accounts.

We use Google Analytics on our website. This service collects basic information about what browser you're using, any referral link that led you to our site, and may determine your location using your IP address to tell us where you're visiting from. This data is not personally identifiable.

How we use it

To improve our games.

We collect this data to improve the games we make. To offer a few examples:

  • It helps us identify problems and fix them in updates. If we see that lots of players are getting stuck somewhere in one of our games, we can update that part of the game.

  • It helps inform what sort of hardware we should support for future projects. We may spend more time optimizing for particular setups if we find that most of our players are using graphics cards of a certain level, or using phones of a certain type.

  • It helps us make sure we're seeing what our players see. We can more easily reproduce the experience that players are having in our games if we get information about how long they're playing or what quality settings they're using.

To communicate with you.

If you provide us with your email address, we'll use it exclusively for the reason you provided it to us (either for support requests, game accounts, or our mailing list).

Who we share information with

Our direct partners.

We may occasionally share information from support requests or non-personally identifiable analytics with our direct publishing partners. Our publishers may also have their own privacy policies and data collection methods.

The public.

We may also publish broad, anonymized data about our games on our blog. This information is limited to situations like "what percentage of players use a controller" or other high-level questions.

Additional information

Children under the age of 13

We will never knowingly collect personally identifiable information from any person under the age of 13.


We may reach out to our mailing list subscribers and players who have created user accounts in our games with (very) occasional marketing materials.

Turbo Button does not resell any of the data we collect about our players, including our mailing list, to any third parties.

Contacting us with concerns

If you have any more questions or concerns about the data we collect, feel free to reach out to us.