Floor Plan 2

NEW! Backside Story expansion launching June 22nd, 2023!

Floor Plan 2 is a comedy adventure inspired by escape rooms, packed with more puzzles than you can fit in an elevator.

On your first day of work, the boss sends you on an errand to retrieve a lost treasure that will turn the company's fortunes around. And good news: it's somewhere in the building! Just use the elevator down the hall. Oh, and by the way, each floor is a gateway to another world, nobody speaks your language, and time and space are fluid.

OK good luck!


  • Use your elevator to solve mind-bending puzzles in a series of connected escape rooms
  • Step out onto each floor, explore, and meet bizarre characters
  • Revisit completed puzzles to find new, remixed challenges waiting for you
  • Now with over 6 hours of hand-crafted, charming-as-heck gameplay
  • Built exclusively for VR, and designed to be comfortable for everyone

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    Release Date:
  • April 1, 2021


Floor Plan 2 feels like a VR episode of The Muppet Show, not just in the hilarious absurdity of its world but also in the constant, invigorating ingenuity of its puzzles.

Floor Plan 2 is a delight, perfectly suited to the Oculus Quest platform.