Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games

Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games is an all-new platforming game for virtual reality starring Finn, Jake, and YOU! When Magic Man casts a spell transforming you into a giant balloon, Finn and Jake make it their mission to return you back to normal. Help them fight baddies, rescue friends, and navigate dangerous lands as you chase Magic Man across Ooo together.

  • Designed for virtual reality
  • Inspired by classic 3D platforming games
  • Original story, fully voiced by the cast of the show

Now available on:

    Release Date:
  • September 18, 2015

Screenshots representative of graphics on Oculus Rift & Steam VR


Adventure Time shows what can happen when an existing brand is willing to try something new, and works with developers who clearly care about virtual reality as a medium. If future experiments continue to treat the characters and medium of virtual reality with this much care and respect, we have some great things to look forward to.

Among the more polished games available for the Gear felt completely new.

I found nothing of note to criticize. That was GREAT!